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Best Places to Visit in Ladakh

best places to visit in ladakh

Ladakh is a beautiful region that has been the center of a conflict between India, Pakistan, and China since 1947. Despite the conflict, Ladakh remains a popular tourist destination due to its stunning landscapes, including hilly terrain, clear lakes, and picturesque drives. There are many attractions to see in Ladakh, including ancient monasteries, luxurious palaces, charming villages, and high mountain passes. To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Ladakh.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Ladakh

A trip to a beautiful place like Ladakh is a rare opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Ladakh is known for its breathtaking scenery, which includes ancient monasteries, winding rivers, picturesque valleys, stunning lakes, charming villages, and interesting museums. If you’re planning a trip to Leh Ladakh, you’ll want to make sure you visit some of the top tourist destinations to make the most of your trip.

To help you plan your getaway, we’ve put together a list of the top tourist destinations in Ladakh that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ladakh and a must-see destination for those who love nature. It is located on the India-China border and sits at an altitude of 4,225 meters above sea level. The lake is pristine and has no outflow to other bodies of water, making it an endorheic lake. Pangong Tso is about 134 km long and spreads from India to China. The lake is famous for its changing colors throughout the day and its crystal blue water offers stunning views of the surrounding peaks. The lake is also home to many migratory bird species, making it a great spot for birdwatching. During harsh winters, the lake freezes over, and camping on the bank of the lake is a fantastic adventure for outdoor enthusiasts.


  •   There are several things to do at Pangong Lake, including camping, bird watching, and taking a nature walk.
  •   The best time for Pangong Lake to visit is from May to September. To reach Pangong Lake, the nearest airport is Leh Airport which is 225 km away.
  • The lake is well-connected to Leh via Chang La Pass, which is a popular route to reach the lake

2. Zanskar Valley

Zanskar is a remote valley in Ladakh that is very popular with adventure enthusiasts. Its rugged terrain, frozen rivers, and challenging treks attract visitors who are looking for an adrenaline rush. Zanskar is also one of the top tourist destinations in Leh Ladakh, offering peace and tranquility in a stunning, uncrowded Himalayan setting. The valley is a great place to escape and relax, with glittering blue skies, snow-covered mountains, beautiful weather, and breathtaking water bodies. If you want to disappear into a dream world and dance through time, Zanskar is the ideal place to be.

To reach Pangong Lake, the nearest airport is Leh Airport which is 225 km away. The lake is well-connected to Leh via Chang La Pass, which is a popular route to reach the lake.


  •   To visit Zanskar Valley, the best time to plan your trip is from June to September.
  •   It is when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities like trekking, paragliding, and water rafting.
  •   The valley is accessible by road from Leh and Kargil, and there are also adventure tour packages available that include transportation and activities.

3. Leh

The capital city of Ladakh is known for its beautiful monasteries, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. One of the top tourist attractions in Leh is the Leh Palace. It is a magnificent example of medieval Tibetan architecture and is built of stones, wood, mud, and sand. The palace’s walls are designed to keep the interiors warm during winters and cool during summers. The palace has a remarkable collection of crowns, ceremonial attire, jewelry, and works of art that date back 450 years and is colored using powdered gemstones and stones. The walls of the palace are adorned with murals that depict the glorious days of the past. One can enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley and nearby mountain range from the palace.


  •   The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is from May to September when the weather is pleasant and the roads are accessible.
  •   The nearest airport to Leh Ladakh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh, which is well-connected to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Srinagar. The airport is around 3 km away from the city center.

4. Shanti Stupa

Located on a steep hill, the Shanti Stupa is a beautiful white-domed structure with a gilded figure of the Buddha and representations of his birth and death. It was built by a combination of locals and Japanese Buddhists, and it symbolizes peace and honors 2500 years of Buddhism. The stupa offers breathtaking views of the valley below from its vantage point. It is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset, and when illuminated at night. This is a must-visit destination in Ladakh for those who love peace and spirituality.


  •   Things to do at Shanti Stupa: Visit and admire the stunning white-domed structure, witness the gilded figure of Buddha, and enjoy the panoramic views of the valley below.
  •   Best time to visit Shanti Stupa: Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit Shanti Stupa to enjoy the breathtaking views and the unique beauty of the stupa when illuminated at night.
  • How to reach Shanti Stupa: The easiest way to reach Shanti Stupa is by car. It is located around 5 km from Leh and can be reached by a short drive uphill.

5. Hall of Fame Museum

The Hall of Fame Museum is located in Leh and was constructed by the Indian Army to honor Indian soldiers who died for their country. It’s a museum that reminds visitors of the sacrifices made by brave soldiers. The museum has two floors and is divided into many areas. The upper floor has a display called the OP Vijay, which showcases the weapons and ammo used during the Kargil War. You can also see pictures of army installations, lodgings, and training facilities on distant glaciers. There are pictures from the Kargil War on another floor. The Operation Vijay documentary is shown on the first floor, where visitors can witness the heroic bravery of Indian soldiers during the war.


  •   The Hall of Fame Museum in Leh is a museum built by the Indian Army to honor the Indian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It has two floors with many exhibits and displays, including the weapons and ammo used in the Kargil War and pictures of the army installations and training facilities in distant glaciers.
  •   On the first floor, visitors can watch the Operation Vijay documentary showcasing the bravery of Indian soldiers during the war. Apart from watching the documentary, visitors can also purchase souvenirs from the museum.
  •   The best time to visit the Hall of Fame Museum is from May to September. It is located 2 km from Leh Airport and can be easily reached by taxi.

6. Kargil – Adventure Hub

If you don’t go to Kargil during your Ladakh vacation, it will be incomplete. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Ladakh is Kargil. It is near the highway connecting Srinagar and Leh. Because Kargil is a mecca for adventure activities including hiking, camping, river rafting, mountaineering, etc., it is a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers.

The Line of Control, which is only 11 km from Kargil, is the most intriguing portion. It separates Pakistan from India. It is also a tourist haven, as you will come across numerous lovely and historic gompas and monasteries, picturesque valleys, and breathtaking mountain ranges if you roam around its lanes.


  •   Kargil is a must-visit destination during your Ladakh vacation as it offers a range of adventure activities such as hiking, camping, river rafting, and mountaineering.
  •   Located near the highway connecting Srinagar and Leh, Kargil is also home to the Line of Control, which separates Pakistan from India and is only 11 km away.
  •   You can explore numerous historic gompas and monasteries, picturesque valleys, and breathtaking mountain ranges while wandering around Kargil’s streets.

7. Sangam At Nimmu

Sangam, located in Nimmu, is a confluence of two of the most prominent rivers in India – the Indus and Zanskar Rivers. It is located along the Srinagar-Leh highway, making it a convenient stopover for tourists traveling to Leh. The Indus River, which originates in Tibet, is known for its greenish-blue hue, while the Zanskar River has brownish water that comes from the glaciers of the Zanskar mountain range.

The Sangam is a place located on the way to Leh from Srinagar. It is located at Nimmu, where the Indus and Zanskar rivers meet. The Indus River has emerald green water, while the Zanskar River has brownish water. When these two rivers meet, it creates a mesmerizing view of the different colors of the water. If you love nature and enjoy stunning views, then Sangam is a must-visit place and one of the top tourist attractions in Ladakh.


  •   Sangam is a popular tourist spot because of its stunning natural beauty, with emerald and brown waters merging to create a breathtaking sight.
  •   It is also a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts, who can go river rafting or take a relaxing walk along the river banks. Many tourists also choose to camp near the river for a unique experience of sleeping under the stars.
  •  To reach Sangam, tourists can take a taxi or hire a private car. It is located on the way to Leh from Srinagar and is easily accessible by road. It is recommended to visit Sangam during the daytime for the best views and to avoid any safety issues during the night.

8. Lamayuru Monastery

Lamayuru Monastery is a beautiful and historic site located in a town between Kargil and Leh. You can explore the grounds and take in the beautiful sights. Overall, the Lamayuru Monastery is a must-visit destination in Ladakh for anyone who loves history, culture, and breathtaking views. The monastery sits on a hilltop, providing spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The area is known as “Moonland” because it resembles the surface of the moon. According to legend, the area was once underwater until a lama named Naropa established the Lamayuru Monastery. The interior of the monastery features stunning paintings and frescoes, and there is even a cave with statues of Naropa and his disciples. The monastery is a must-visit site in Ladakh for its beauty, history, and stunning views.


  •   The monastery’s interiors are adorned with breathtaking paintings and frescoes, making it one of the most stunning monasteries in Ladakh. There is a cave near the prayer area that contains statues of Naropa and his disciples, which is one of the unique features of this shrine.
  •   The monastery is perched atop a hill, offering unmatched views of the surrounding moonscape. It is truly a beautiful sight that is sure to take your breath away.
  •   To reach the Lamayuru Monastery, you can take a road trip from Leh, which is around 116 km away. The road trip is scenic, and you can enjoy the stunning views of the landscape on your way there. Once you arrive at the monastery.

9. Khardunga La Pass

Imagine being on top of the world! Khardung La Pass, situated on the way to Nubra Valley, is the highest motorable road in the world at an astounding altitude of 18,380 feet. You can take a break here to admire the snow-covered surroundings and have a cup of tea. It’s a winter wonderland with everything covered in snow, including the roads, rocks, and mountains. The treacherous terrain, winding roads, fierce winds, and unpredictable weather make it a challenge to reach, but it’s worth it. Bikers, cyclists, and adventure seekers often visit here, and it’s one of the top places to visit in Ladakh.


  •   It’s the world’s highest motorable pass and is located on the way to Nubra Valley. At an astonishing height of 18,380 feet, the pass offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas that will leave you in awe.
  •   The terrain is treacherous, the roads are winding, the winds are strong, and the weather can be unpredictable. However, once you reach the top, take a break and enjoy a cup of tea while taking in the snow-covered landscape.
  •   It’s a rite of passage and a must-visit destination in Ladakh for adventure enthusiasts, especially bikers and cyclists. However, due to the high altitude, you can only stay here for a maximum of 20 minutes, and it’s essential to be mindful of the low oxygen levels. So, take in the breathtaking views quickly before continuing your journey.

10. Sand Dunes at Hunder

Did you know that Ladakh is not only a land of mountains but also a dessert? Yes, it’s true! Nubra Valley is a high-altitude cold desert that offers a unique experience to travelers. In the village of Hunder, you can see the breathtaking dunes surrounded by golden brown mountains, and it’s a famous tourist spot. Thousands of visitors flock here every year to witness this unique landscape. Moreover, the double-humped Bactrian camel, which is a rare species found only in this part of Ladakh, adds to the charm of this desert. It’s a great adventure to ride these robust beasts, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. And, at night, lying in the desert and stargazing is an experience like no other.


  •   If you want to experience the desert in the Himalayas, Nubra Valley is the place to be.
  •   The village of Hunder in the valley is a popular tourist destination, known for its golden brown dunes surrounded by mountains.
  • You can also ride the rare double-humped Bactrian camel found only in this part of Ladakh. It’s a unique and exciting experience.


Overall, Ladakh is a beautiful destination with a unique culture and stunning landscapes that are sure to leave visitors in awe. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover, there’s something for everyone in Ladakh.

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