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20 Best Places To Visit In Kullu Manali

Best Places To Visit In Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan vacation city located in the Himachal Pradesh state of northern India. It is famous to visit as a honeymoon and backpacking destination.

It is a starting point for hiking in the Parvati Valley and skiing in the Solang Valley and is on the Beas River. Kullu Manali is a popular tourist destination in India, known for its picturesque snowcapped mountains, beautiful valleys, and winding rivers.

Additionally, it is a starting spot for activities, and entertainment like rafting, paragliding, and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal Mountains have the 4,000-meter-high Rohtang Pass. It is a perfect place to visit for families and honeymooners because of its pleasant weather all year round.

List of 20 Best Places To Visit In Kullu Manali

1. Rohtang Pass

  • Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Pir Panjal Range at an altitude of 3,978 meters.

  • It offers stunning views of the surrounding valley, rivers Beas and Chenab, and hidden waterfalls. One can enjoy a jeep safari, adventure sports, and capture beautiful pictures of the snow-peaked Himalayan mountains.

  • Don’t forget to visit Nehru Kund on the way. A trip to Kullu-Manali is incomplete without a visit to Rohtang Pass.

2. Solang Valley- for Paragliding, Skiing, and Zorbing, choose your pick

    • Solang Valley is a popular spot for adventure sports near Manali in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by lush greenery and snow-capped mountains and lies on the banks of the Beas River.

    • In winter, the valley is covered in snow, making skiing the prime activity here. In summer, you can enjoy paragliding, parachuting, and zorbing. You can also go horse riding in Solang Valley. It is a great destination to visit in both summer and winter.

3. Gulaba

  • Gulaba is a beautiful village located en route to Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by snow-peaked mountains and offers breathtaking views of the scenic landscape. When Rohtang Pass is closed, Gulaba serves as a great alternative and attracts many visitors who come to enjoy various snow activities.

  • Tourists can also spend some peaceful time amidst the beautiful topography of the village. Many Bollywood films have been shot here, which makes it an interesting place to visit for cinema enthusiasts.

  • Visitors can engage in many snow activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and snow trekking, depending on the season. Trekking is another popular activity here, with several trails leading to stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

  • Overall, Gulaba is a perfect destination for those seeking adventure and natural beauty.

4. Kothi-Bollywood's Favorites

  • Kothi village is situated around 20 km away from the center of Manali town, nestled in the foothills of Rohtang Pass.

  • The village offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and the Beas River flowing through it. Kothi village is a great place for camping and trekking.

  • It is the most famous filming location for Bollywood movies.

  • Paragliding is also available here. Visitors can also visit the geothermal springs or relax in nearby resorts.

5. Vashist Hot Water Springs

  • Vashist is a village located close to Manali, known for its hot water springs and stone temples dedicated to Saint Vasistha.

  • The hot springs are popular among tourists and pilgrims, and you can also enjoy them at the Turkish-style bathhouses available here. Additionally, you can visit the shrine of Saint Vasistha and go for a trek along the nearby hills.

6. Manikaran

  • Manikaran is a spiritual region in Himachal Pradesh, located near Kasol. It is considered sacred by both Hindus and Sikhs and has several temples dedicated to Hindu gods like Rama, Vishnu, Shiva, and Krishna.

  • The region is known for its hot sulfur springs have curative properties and thousands of people dip in them for religious and health reasons. The sulfur springs are also a great way to relax after trekking in the area. Manikaran is also a starting point for trekking to Pulga, Chandrakhani Pass, and Khirganga.

7. Religion Plus Nature At Naggar

  • Naggar is a beautiful village located on the east bank of the Beas River and was once the capital of the Kingdom of Kullu. It is a must-visit place in Kullu Manali due to its spectacular views of the Himalayas from all directions.

  • Naggar is also home to some majestic religious sites like the temples of Lord Krishna, Vishnu, and Tripura Sundari. Additionally, some magnificent castles in Naggar were once used by the royal personalities of Himachal Pradesh.

8. Beas River

  • The Beas River is an important part of the Kullu Valley with many camping spots and water sports available for visitors. This river originates from the Himalayas and flows about 470 kilometers before entering the Sutlej River in Punjab state.

  • Interestingly, the river played a significant role in history as it marked the eastern border of Alexander the Great’s empire in 326 BC, and he had to stop his expedition here.

  • Visitors can enjoy a range of activities at the Beas River, including river water rafting, strolling around the river, river crossing, and picnicking at nearby spots. Another nearby attraction is the Pandoh Dam, which is worth a visit.

9. Great Himalayan National Park

  • The Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu is a beautiful mountain range located at the junction of two of the major biographical kingdoms of the world, the Indo-Himalayan and Palearctic. It offers unexplored panoramic views of the remote mountain landscapes and provides habitat to a great variety of flora and fauna.

  • The national park is home to rare and exotic wildlife, including the Himalayan Snow leopard, Himalayan Tahr, musk deer, and black and brown bear. It is also a great spot for bird watching, with species such as monal and cheer tragopan, but autumn is the best time to catch sight of them.

  • In addition to wildlife, the national park is a paradise for trekkers, with trek routes leading to the river valleys of Sainj, Tirthan, and Parvati. It is a must-visit tourist place in the Kullu region, especially for those who love adventure and natural beauty.

Overall, the Great Himalayan National Park offers a special opportunity to catch high-altitude wildlife and is a perfect destination for those seeking trekking and natural beauty.

10. The Manali Sanctuary-Wild And Beautiful

  • The Manali Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve located very close to Manali, within just 2 km. It is home to a wide variety of animals and birds living amidst pristine glaciers and lush green forests of alpine, Deodar, and oak.

  • Wildlife enthusiasts will have a great time exploring this sanctuary as it is home to many rare herbivores and carnivores. Some of the animals you might spot here include the shy snow leopard, brown bear, musk deer, and monal. Bird lovers will also be delighted as there are many species of birds to be seen, including Snow Pigeon, Kokla, Kingfishers, Tree Creepers, and Chakor, among others.

  • The Manali Sanctuary offers a great opportunity to capture some romantic moments amidst the snowy slopes and peaks. You don’t need to be running around all the time looking for perfect wildlife shots; instead, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature here.

11. Bhrigu Lake

  • Bhrigu Lake in Kullu Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination for trekkers and hikers. It is located to the east of the Rohtang Pass and is covered by stunning alpine scenery. The lake is particularly beautiful in autumn when the colors of the landscape change dramatically.

  • The trek to Bhrigu Lake can be challenging for amateurs as it passes through mountains, gorges, forests, and streams. However, the natural beauty of the Himalayas is truly tempting and the destination is well worth the effort.

  • The lake is named after the Indian sage Bhrigu, who is said to have meditated here for 100 years. This has made the place a sacred spot in the Hindu religion. So, the place is not only a natural wonder but also has cultural and religious significance.

12. Manu Temple

  • The Manu Temple is a famous tourist spot in Manali that is dedicated to Sage Manu. It is built in the Pagoda style and is situated near the beautiful River Beas.

  • From the temple, you can enjoy some stunning views of the surrounding scenery. It is also conveniently located near the city’s main marketplace, where you can go shopping or enjoy some local cuisine.

  • In addition, the temple’s proximity to the River Beas makes it a great starting point for various water activities such as rafting and fishing. You can also take a stroll along the river banks and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

13. Hidimba Devi Temple

  • The Hidimba Devi Temple is a famous religious site in Manali. It was built like an ancient cave temple and is unique because it follows the Pagoda style.

  • The temple is dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Bhima, who was one of the Pandavas. According to Hindu mythology, Hidimba meditated in this place during her last days.

  • The temple is one-of-a-kind because it does not have an idol inside. Instead, people consider the footprints of Hidimba engraved in the temple as sacred.

14. Raghunath Temple

  • Kullu, a valley in Himachal Pradesh, is known for its numerous Hindu temples. One of the oldest and most famous temples is the Raghunath Temple, dedicated to the chief deity of Kullu, Raghunathji. According to mythology, Lord Rama used the temple idol during his time.

  • The temple is a significant attraction for visitors and locals alike, with the Dusshera festival being the best time to visit. This festival, celebrated in autumn, sees people from across the valley come together for the festivities.

15. Bijli Mahadev temple

  • Bijli Mahadev Temple is a famous temple located in Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. According to the legend, Lord Shiva absorbed all the electric current from the atmosphere to save mankind, and every two years of the Hindu calendar, a similar event is believed to take place with intense thunder and lightning.

  • Interestingly, the sacred Shiva lingam kept inside the temple breaks every time lightning strikes. Apart from its legend, the temple’s location in the high altitudes of Himachal Pradesh provides breathtaking views of the Parvati and Kullu valleys.

16. Vashisht-Hot Water Spring

  • Vashisht village is located about 2km north of Manali and is a smaller and quieter version of Old Manali. One of the major attractions of this village is the Vashisht Hot Water Spring.

  • These natural springs are believed to emerge from granitic deposits and are known for their medicinal properties. The hot water springs attract around 3000 tourists daily and have separate bathing spots or Kunds for both men and women.

  • The Vashisht Hot Water Spring is in a green area on a hill above the Beas River, about 6 km from Manali and the location is also home to many temples.

17. Tibetan Monasteries- Religious Peace

  • The Himachal highlands are home to many Tibetan settlements in India, which have added to the cultural beauty of the region for centuries.

  • In Kullu Manali, many Tibetan monasteries are open to everyone, not just Buddhists. These monasteries offer a peaceful atmosphere with the sound of chants and sermons, accompanied by the fragrance of Tibetan incense sticks.

  • They are also a great way to experience the rich Tibetan culture and architecture. Some popular monasteries in Manali include Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa and Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa.

18. Kasol Hippie Valley

  • Kasol, a village in Himachal Pradesh, is known for its love for foreigners, especially Israelis. It’s often referred to as the mini Israel of India. The village has a Western vibe, with Hebrew banners seen at cafes, restaurants, and other constructions.

  • The foreign-run food joints and cafes serve delicious cuisines like Shakshouka and lemon cake and offer leisure activities like volleyball and indoor carom.

  • But amidst all this foreign influence, the Himalayan charm of the place still stands out. The enchanting Parvati River flows on one side, while mountains surround the valley on the other.

  • You can take a walk along the river stretch to nearby villages like Malana, Tosh, and Chalal, which are perfect for Himalayan psychedelic parties and exploring nature’s virgin beauty. Kasol is divided into the Bhuntar and Manikaran sides and is located 37 km from Kullu.

19. Raison- Camping and rafting

  • If you’re looking for a peaceful camping experience away from the hustle and bustle of Manali, the Raison campsite is the perfect spot. Located amidst lush orchards and valleys, it sits at an altitude of about 1400 meters, and the roaring Beas River is nearby.

  • This makes Raison a great place for river rafting, with plenty of rapids for an exciting adventure. The flow of the river is strong, adding to the adrenaline rush. So, grab your family and friends and head to Raison for an undisturbed and thrilling vacation.

20. Rahalla Fall

  • If you’re on your way to Rohtang Pass, be sure to make a stop at Rahalla Falls. It’s a beautiful spot for a picnic, just 16 km before Rohtang Pass. Unlike the rocky and snowy landscape of Rohtang, the waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests and has a milky white cascade.

  • The waterfall is formed from the melting glaciers at higher altitudes. You can trek to nearby villages, which offer an exciting adventure through the beautiful landscape of Himachal.

  • There’s also a glacier trek connecting Sonapani to the peaks of Gaypan. Beas Kund, Manu Temple, and Jagatsukh Temple are other nearby attractions. Visiting Rahalla Falls is a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure.


Kullu Manali is the best place to visit if you love nature, adventure, and peace. It looks very beautiful because it has snow-capped mountains, rivers, and forests. There are many places such as Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Vashisht Hot Springs, and Naggar Castle. You can also do a lot of adventure activities like skiing, paragliding, rafting, and trekking. Kullu Manali is a great place to get away from city life and explore the outdoors. It is one of the best places to visit in India. 

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