12 Fully-Loaded Facts About John Wick 

12. The studio never really wanted John Wick's dog to die.

11. A John Wick-verse is coming.

10. Each John Wick film nearly doubles the gross of the one before it.

9. Wick killed an NBA player in the third film.

8. Wick has a hobby that didn’t make the final cut.

7. The movie's intense action had to be muted on the set.

6. Bridget Moynahan didn’t read the entire script.

5. Reeves recovered from shooting by taking ice baths.

4. John Wick was originally 75 years old.

3. John Wick was directed by the stuntmen who worked with Keanu Reeves on The Matrix.

2. John Wick got his name from a real person.

1. John Wick was originally titled Scorn.