10 Reasons Why Achaar Is The Most Underrated Food Ever 

1. One of the best parts about making pickles is the crockery involved.

2. All pickle-lovers flock to the pickle stalls at the exhibition and fairs to buy varieties of pickles

3. But the best from the lot has to be 'daadi ke haath ka' achaar

4. Here's a look at how raw mangoes are sliced for making 'aam ka achaar'

5. You don't need anything else in the world if you have a piping hot parantha and a spoonful of achaar on your plate

6. While many like aam ka achaar, there are fans of nimbu achaar too!

7. For people with more distinct taste, gaajar aur mooli ka achaar does the trick

8. Not to forget the spicy mirch ka achaar which will make you shed a tear

9. Even if there is no sabzi, sweet mango pickle goes well with rotis

10. Do go by the colour, as turnip pickle is as good as mango pickle